Experienced Counsel for Children's Rights, Special Education, Adoption, Estate Planning and Guardianships

An Experienced and Compassionate Attorney for Children and Families

As a mother of three children, I understand the dynamics of family life. But when a wrench is thrown into that dynamic, it is difficult to decide what to do or where to turn to ensure that your family continue to grow and thrive. I understand that there are times when you need assistance to help those you love the most.

  • I will apply more than 15 years of courtroom experience to ensure that your family has the proper plan in place for whatever issue has plagued your family.
  • As a mother of children with special needs, I understand the struggle it is to obtain the proper education for your child. Is your child getting the appropriate education from your school district? Is your school district refusing to write an IEP for your child? Is your school district refusing to comply with your child's existing IEP? I will fight for you and your child to ensure the school district provides your child with the appropriate education.
  • Is your child with special needs reaching 18 years of age? I can assist you in ensuring that guardianship or power of attorney documents are in place.
  • Are you going to be expanding your family because of an adoption? I can help ensure that the adoption process is quick and joyful.
  • Do you need to establish a plan for your family in the event that you cannot take care of them? I can draft a Plan so that you do not have to worry about who will be taking care of your children if you cannot.
  • Do you want to ensure your family is the recipient of your lifetime of hard work after you are gone? I can draft an estate plan to ensure your assets, values and experiences are passed to future generations the way you want.
  • Are you looking to obtain a custody arrangement for your family? I will work hard to ensure that your custody arrangement fulfills your wishes.
  • Has your family been changed because of action taken by your county's Child Protective Services?
  • I will represent your interests to protect your parental rights regarding your child.

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